Alta Vineyard

High above Napa Valley, our own home estate 10-acre vineyard located at an elevation of 1650 feet on the eastern slope of Atlas Peak. The Alta Vineyard faces the Suisun Bay to the southeast and the Vaca Mountains to the East. At this elevation, the vineyard is cooler than Napa in the afternoons, but being above the fog, the vines enjoy sunshine as soon as dawn break. Our vines are rooted in rocky volcanic soils. The impoverished soil limits the crop to just about 1 to 1.5 tons per acre of intense fruit. All these elements provide an ideal and uniform growing season. Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are our two main varietals. Our vineyard supplies fruit to our own Alta label; the rest of the grapes are under long term contract to our famed neighbor, Kongsgaard Winery.

H4 Vineyard

Hillside vineyard in the Eastern Hills of the Napa Valley.  This Sauvignon Blanc vineyard is right across the road from the historic Hubcap Ranch and provides us with intense hillside fruit. All the fruit from H4 vineyard is certified organic.